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The Safe Pass Training Certificate on Irish Construction Sites

In order to work in construction activities in Ireland, it is necessary to complete an Occupational Health and Safety Construction Induction course called Safe Pass training. On completion, the participant will receive a construction site Safe Pass card as proof of having undergone th

5 Construction Site Dangers To Avoid

Construction sites have long been considered one of the top working environments when it comes to safety hazards and work place accidents and this is despite continuous improvements when it comes to onsite safety. When working on or even entering a construction site all personnel shou

Keeping Safe From Electrical Dangers On Site

Construction sites can be hotbeds for activity and design, where hundreds of skilled individuals take part in physical activity and careful placement of materials. However, these busy spots of development can also be hotbeds for injuries and accidents. One of the most painful and trag

Who Needs To Do Safe Pass Awareness Training?

Safe Pass is a one-day safety awareness program aimed at general construction workers, craft workers and “on site” security personnel in the construction industry. The aims of the program are to: Raise the standard of safety awareness in the construction industry Ensure th

Consider All Options When Creating Your Construction Site Safety Plan

Construction site safety is such an important factor of any new build or renovation. In fact it is so important that governments have made it a requirement to create construction site plans for every active site and any visitors to a site must have under gone a safe pass training cour

Simple Ways to Improve Construction Site Safety

Construction site safety is an all-important facet of the construction industry. It is important to ensure the safety of the workers and staff on the construction team, whether it is building a new structure or demolishing an old one. It is crucial that they are protected from hazardo