Consider All Options When Creating Your Construction Site Safety Plan

Construction site safety is such an important factor of any new build or renovation. In fact it is so important that governments have made it a requirement to create construction site plans for every active site and any visitors to a site must have under gone a safe pass training course.

So given the mandatory nature of construction site safety it is a critical component of the project plan to lay out a comprehensive site safety plan.

So below are a couple of key consideration that will help site safety when your putting your plan together.

These are just a few considerations to avoid accidents at your job site:

  • Mandatory Safety Meetings – Holding a safety meeting at the start of each day will ensure all workers are on the same page. In the safety meeting, you can mention changes to the job site as well as what machinery will be used in different areas of the site throughout the day.
  • Safety Gear – You should require everyone on the job site to wear the proper safety gear including hard hats and eye protection. Likewise, harnesses should be used for all workers working on rooftops and scaffolding.
  • Reflective Clothing – You should provide all workers with high-visibility apparel including reflective vests. This will reduce the chances of workers getting hit by vehicles and other machinery.
  • Regular Breaks – Make sure all workers take regular breaks to reduce the chances of accidents due to exhaustion.

If you don’t want your construction site to be an accident waiting to happen, then put the safety pointers above to good use.

If you need personal site safety training, then contact Safety CSM and booking into one of our regular Safe Pass training courses.