Construction Site Safety Tips For Home Builds

Self builds are quickly becoming a popular option for those of us looking to move house, or even start a renovation project that aims to leave us with our dream home. It may seem obvious, but your home will start as a construction site with countless health and safety issues you need to be aware of to ensure the safety of both you and your workers.

Here are some top construction site safety tips:

Tools and Machinery – Ensure all equipment is in good working order with no unregistered modifications. Higher rated power tools should be fitted with appropriate cut off switches, and staff should have appropriate power tool training where needed.

Dust, Noise & Vibration – When doing any work that involves excessive dust, noise or vibration make sure that you have the correct safety equipment. That includes breathing masks, ear muffs and gloves.

Electricity – All energy installations must be correctly labelled and checked by professionals, with all cabling being routed sensibly. If any cabling is damaged accidentally ensure that it is dealt with quickly by professionals.

Slips & Trips – Your site must be kept tidy at all times, with any waste being removed to a dedicated area on a regular basis during work. Battery powered tools are a great way of reducing cabling.

Vehicles – Monitor all arrivals of materials from large haulage vehicles and vans to ensure absolute safety to pedestrians and workers on the construction site. People can be hit or crushed by loads or the vehicles themselves so extra caution must be taken.

Falling objects – Make sure any scaffolding you have on site is fitted by a professional contractors with a good track record for safety. Ensure boarding, brick guards and object nets are fitted, along with hand rails at levels higher than 1 metre.

Storage – Stacking of any construction materials must be done safely in a sensible area, within the work site. Materials stored on public walkways are a liability, so if you must do so during a delivery, ensure the goods are moved onto site as soon as possible. Flammable materials should be stored separately in appropriate containers.

Digging and Excavation – When large excavations are exposed they are a danger for people on site. Ensure they are properly covered when not in use, avoiding the storage of any materials around the edge of the excavation.

The above construction site safety tips may seem obvious, but covering the simplest dangers avoids any potential accidents. The safety of your workers must be priority, and if you’re too busy to delegate properly, ensure someone is in charge of the safety and well being of your workers on site.